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Staycation at the Umstead Hotel & Spa

8th September 2015

Nick’s birthday approaches close to the busy season for all of us. Work, football, work… So he was not big on doing anything much for his birthday. I knew that our weekends for the next two months are going to be hectic so I really just wanted to get away together and enjoy some one on one time. Plus it’s always more relaxing when you’re away from your home and not dealing with household duties.

Since we live in Raleigh, we are conveniently located to a beautiful five star hotel, the Umstead Hotel & Spa. While we love the spa, staying and going to the hotel are definitely a big splurge, so we settled on spending the night and relaxing by the pool! Oh! And we were able to have brunch too!

IMG_1986 IMG_1988 IMG_1990 IMG_1992

Always wonderful to have extra special touches for the celebrated occasions! Happy birthday Nick! After our brunch we checked into our room and headed to the pool but first we were greeted with a lovely snack from the Umstead. Love the personal touches!

IMG_1994 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_2002

We did not luck out on the weather but we were able to relax and order room service for dinner and eat in bed. Something we don’t do in our own house, so we were glad to snuggle and enjoy dinner in our room and just spend precious time together. It was a perfect little weekend away, even if it was just for one night!

Thanks Umstead Resort and Spa! We will be sure to return and next time I’m sure we’ll have to add on a spa treatment because we LOVE their spa!