Outdoor Makeover

19th October 2015

Let’s be honest. Town homes do not have a lot of privacy or personality when it comes to outside. Things tend to have to be uniformed, you’re connected to another persons yard and it’s a small area so you’re really limited. Before we moved here we had an amazing porch on our old apartment, it fit multiple chairs and even a small bistro table! So we brought most of the things with us, but on our tiny bit of cement it feels a bit cramped and it really lacked in personality. Below is what we’re working with y’all. So.much.blah… and don’t even get me started on the trash cans.. 🙁

BUT we were really excited to finally get a grill!!! YAY! Those trash cans though, ugh!

For Mother’s Day my mom and dad visited and my mom decided to take me out to start getting organized a bit and really liking our yard. We have the option to fence in our yard completely with the matching wood (our neighbor did) but I just felt like it was going to be very closed in and not to mention, expensive! One day when I started browsing Lowe’s I saw a really pretty trellis that I thought could work and showed mom and she agreed. In the summer mandevilla is also a beautiful growing plant that would be a perfect plant to start growing up the trellis and it has gorgeous flowers! Below is the final product after mom visited.

We’ve since then moved around furniture and tried to keep rearranging so that we really started liking it. Since the plants grew over summer things are definitely looking up! We are starting to really love it. ALTHOUGH once the cold water hits.. no more mandevilla so we’re on the hunt for a vine that is a perennial. There’s always something y’all!! So I figured I’d share with you how pretty our plants look before the warm weather is officially gone, gone, gone…

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