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Dining Room Progress

8th April 2014

I’m back y’all, sorry for the hiatus, I truly missed you all!!

So! As you might have remembered I purchased a bamboo/rattan dining set off Craigslist when we bought the house and I had big ideas on changing it for my own personal style and taking advantage of only paying $85 for a table to fit our space. My mom and I tackled the project of spray painting the table one weekend. Turns out you need a decent amount of spray paint for a table and four chairs, so stock up.. We ended up taking 3 trips to Lowe’s.. whoops!

To spray paint any item really, you’ll want to start out by sanding down all the rough spots on the chairs and paying close attention to where there is a lot of wear and tear or you know there is a lot of use (like the top of the chair). After sanding down the chairs it’s best to wipe them down with some type of cleaner with alcohol in it to take off any extra dirt or residue and allow to dry. Then you’ll spray paint the first layer in slow smooth strokes, allow to dry, and then paint the next coat.

Almost after!
All in all, it took about 8 cans of black lacquer spray paint to get these beauties up to par. The paint can definitely add up and give you quite the arm workout but they came out fabulous! I really love the shiny black. You may also remember I showed you how to recover the cushions for our newly painted chairs, and here’s the final resort. (Sidenote: I wish I was a better photographer.. hopefully soon!)

So here’s how the dining room looks now! We also installed our beautiful ikat curtains, compliments of my favorite fabric store, Premier Fabrics. I LOVE how dramatic the fabric is and I think it’s just fun and different! (Oh and again the fabric on the chairs is from Premier Fabrics as well!)
An up close of the curtains. Fun turquoise, orange and black ikat!
Right now we (I mean my mom) is in the process of redoing a new piece of furniture for the wall next to the fridge. It’s going to be a buffet that has been lacquered in white. Then I’ll probably put a lamp on either side(?), perhaps a mirror or a really cool piece of art over it as well. That will be determined later. Until I get the piece, this is what is currently there.. I know it’s a bit of hodge podge but I figured I’d be honest and show you the before.

So one more time, here’s our somewhat finished project! That light STILL has to go, but I think we have something up our sleeve for that. I had purchased a rug but I think I’m against the rug for the time being. Once the new piece of furniture is here maybe I’ll have a better idea of whether a rug will work or not, but I’m not dying to have one anyway.

Hope you all liked the finished project!

Recovering Cushions

25th February 2014

As you recall I have a project up my sleeve with a bamboo/rattan dining table set I bought of Craigslist. As with anything on Craigslist, I generally redo the cushions just so they’re fresh for me and I can make them the way I like. This table is no exception, actually it’s definitely a requirement because the cushions were a bit naaaastaaay.
After we picked our fabric for the dining room, I picked a fabric that coordinated with the curtains for the dining cushions. It just so happened that the fabric I liked best that matched, was an indoor/outdoor fabric, which means it’s a lot easier to clean and keep neat, you can wipe it down with water, etc. Anywho, we decided that we wanted to keep the design similar to the other cushion, in which it was pleated around the sides. So what we did was 1) cut a circle in the fabric the width of the cushion 2) cut a long strip 3) pinch pleat and pin the fabric so that it’s little folds all the way around the circle 4) sew with a sewing machine around the edge of the pleated fabric with the pins in 5) pull the pins out and place over cushion 6) staple those suckers down and VIOLA a new cushion!

Oh, we also added a bit of extra padding to make the cushions a bit more comfortable. You don’t have to do this but since we didn’t know where these cushions had been, it was a bit of an extra layer.

So now the cushions are done and I can’t wait to put them on the chairs. We actually just spray painted the chairs this past weekend so I wanted to give them some time to settle before putting the cushions on them. What do you think? Now you can try this at home too!


Bamboo you say?

19th February 2014

When we finally moved in all of our furniture into the house I did not like our rectangle table we already had. It just looks awkward in the space and it’s a little over sized for the area. It’s also hard to get around the corner and it really needs a piece of furniture on the wall (on the left). Then the rectangle table doesn’t allow the table to be centered under the light, which is annoying too.

(I’m selling this on craigslist so please ignore the terrible iPhone quality and the rug I just laid down to have a rug.. Eek, I promise it’ll look better soon! And hopefully someone buys it ASAP!)

I knew immediately I wanted a round table, and have for some time now, wanted a round table. I don’t know why they appeal to me, but they sure do! I know I don’t have a budget for a brand new table because a table and chair combo is a crazy expense! (Think at least $100 per chair, plus a table). I purchased the rectangle table on Craiglist, so I began a new search on Craigslist… and as crazy as it sounds, I began searching for a bamboo styled table! I happened to find one exactly like what I was looking for for $85 for four chairs and the table, so I couldn’t pass up the option. It looks like the below table.

I know it doesn’t look like much and looks very old school, but just remember there’s always possibility in rejuvenating older pieces of furniture! Here are some of the ideas I took away to give my table inspiration.

via Society Social

Johnathan Adler via Dream Design Live
I’ve already picked out my curtains and fabric for the cushions, which I’ll follow up with soon. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for buying a table like this because it’s not AS nice as the Chippendale chairs like some of the above images, but it’s a start and I’m excited! We’ve decided on doing the chairs in a black lacquer so I’m quite excited to see how they turn out. I think they’ll look quite fab and it’ll be a fun update to a rather boring area of the house. Yippie!

Craigslist Barstools

17th February 2014

I know I was complaining about finding bar stools in my last post, but that week I had been scouring Craigslist in hopes that I would find something acceptable to use as bar stools as we have officially announced our house warming party! (March 1st y’all!) The stools are decent and black, 30” so a bit shorter than I wish we could find but they were $85 for FOUR bar stools. It actually turns out I really only needed 3 bar stools, but at least I have an extra just in case.

This is what the bar stool looked like when we first purchased them. We obviously knew we’d want to recover them so off to Premier Fabrics we went. I actually got hubs to come along with me this time so that we could consider fabric for the dining area too. He was not too excited to be at the fabric store so I let him have some decision in the fabric, mostly the bar stool fabric.

And this is what he chose. Record players in orange. At least it matches the curtains and it’s a fun conversation piece! Hubs is a musician too, so at least it goes with his passion and we have created a small bar near the bar stools and counter so it’s the man section of the room!

And viola! The finished product. Although, we desperately need to respray paint the stools, but it’s been too cold to be able to do so, so that will come soon. Maybe this week now that all the snow is gone!

Rock on y’all.

And the curtains parted

12th February 2014

Y’all!!! We have curtains!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have privacy in our living room finally, but more importantly, I’m excited to have a fun and beautiful fabric to brighten up our town home! A big thanks to my Mom who sewed these babies herself. She did quite the beautiful job and we are lucky to have such a handy lady in our life to help with these projects. She said it was quite easy, but I doubt I could’ve done it! We used 6 yards of fabric and got 96 inch curtains out of it. They match up really nicely don’t they?
I also have to thank Premier Fabrics of Raleigh for the beautiful fabric! Not only was it an amazing price ($63 for 6 yards of fabric!!!!! You can’t even buy ONE panel of curtains at Pottery Barn for that price!). The fabric is beautiful and sturdy and the bold patterns that they have really suite my style. There will be more recaps of some beautiful fabrics we purchased for other projects around the house too from Premier Fabrics. For more photos of their fabric, check out my previous post.

We added the bamboo screen under neath the curtains to help add a bit more privacy so that we don’t always have to touch the curtains and move them. I think it also adds a bit of an earthy feel to the living room. I’m so happy with the curtains and I really love the pop of color. Anyone who knows me also knows that I love orange so naturally that was the fabric I gravitated to. What do you guys think of the new curtains?!

Can’t wait to show these bad boys off in real life to everyone but in the mean time, check out Premier Fabrics on Facebook and Instagram. Love to hear your thoughts, and know that we are still working on making this place home, but progress is progress and having curtains I think is GREAT progress!! They really help a room feel more complete and less naked.


Bar Stool Dilemma

3rd February 2014

I need some bar stools for the new place, and finding bar stools is a tough job. Number one, they’re VERY expensive! Who knew?! Number two, my bar is higher than a usual bar, so I’m very nervous about a 30″ bar stool, but that’s the average. Major sad face. I’m thinking I’m just going to have to settle and get over it with 30″ but I wish I could get lucky and find something taller.

Another obstacle, is that I’d rather find the bar stools on Craigslist than pay full price for them. Like I said, bar stools are super expensive, like at least over $100 EACH. That adds up quickly when you need 3-4 for a space. But if money wasn’t an issue here are some bar stools I’d love to have!

via Domaine Home

via House Beautiful

via Fancy
So if anyone would like to donate to the bar stool fund you are welcome to, please and thank you. Until then, I will keep browsing Craigslist until something somewhat suitable comes up and will do the job.

Adventures in Wallpapering

29th January 2014

You guys probably remember my post about half baths two weeks ago and that I had something up my sleeve. After gathering some inspiration and browsing Lowe’s one afternoon I came across some black and white damask wallpaper on clearance by Allen and Roth. It was marked down to $11.99 a roll so we grabbed four, went home and attempted my first time at wallpapering.

Here are the before pictures of the half-bath:

This mirror was not the original. After we selected the wallpaper we took our trip to Ikea and found the perfect mirror, called the Ung Drill mirror, for the half bath for $39! It’s just the perfect touch now that the bathroom is done and the first mirror was too small and boring so I’m so happy with it!

So let’s break down the price for the half bath shall we?

  • 4 rolls of wallpaper at $11.99 a roll = $48
  • Exact o knife, edger, wallpaper paste = $20

Without including the new mirror, rug and towels (something I had to buy anyway), it was a pretty inexpensive upgrade to the new place! In terms of wallpaper, (and knowing how much you may need) one roll generally equals about three panel drops for a 9″ ceiling height.

Wallpaper probably seems scary to most, but the process wasn’t terrible. My mom has some skill when it comes to house hold projects so I enlisted her help for the weekend in applying my new wallpaper! Something to note, and we do not recommend others purchasing the same wallpaper, is because it was unpasted. It made the task a lot more difficult and the paste dried pretty quick so it was definitely a two person job, so grab a friend, prepasted wallpaper and get started y’all! It’s really not as bad as it seems, I promise.

I don’t want to waste this whole post with my how to hang wallpaper, so here’s some easy to follow instructions from the DIY Network.

Here are some photos of the progress via my iPhone:

Messy, but fun at the same time. I know that’s weird to say. All in all, the project did take about 8 hours in total over the weekend. It can be time consuming but you can easily finish it in a day, but like I said, enlisting someone to help you is a wonderful option and hopefully someone who’s been there before. If not, no fear, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it too!

Now the reveal shall we?!

We had to change the original lights we had when we bought the house because they were no fun, and we replaced them with these fun designed lights. I’m sorry the photo isn’t great but I just wanted to share our new lights too! SO!! What do y’all think of the wallpaper?! Do you want to try it now for yourself?! I hope so! I think it’s a great way to spruce things up! A big thanks to my mom for helping me in my first adventure in wallpapering and I look to continue my knowledge in home ownership.